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My name is Eduard Akkerman, I'm 33 years old. I'm working in the electrical sector already 15 years, and 6 of them I've been working on motor ships as an electro-mechanic technician.

During the work in the navy, I've learned the laws of electric well and grown up in myself a strong commitment to high standards of work.

In 2014 I've changed my qualification to a civil electrician and in 2016 I've started to work on different types of objects all around Finland.

Such as apartment buildings, private cottages, and smart houses, kid gardens and senior houses, stores, and showrooms, big storages, and offices.
Career in Finland
My main motive now is to make for me a good reputation as a high-end specialist. I want to brand my company as synonymous with quality and sure result.
That is why we approach every project as it would be our own and trying to make more for our customers.
When I've made a salary job, I saw that usually high standards were not the main priority for my employers. They were more interested in good sales.
So one moment I decided, that I want to build my own company, where the high quality of our work is always prioritized. No matter of schedule and size of the project. I believe, that it's the sure way to bring our company to success.
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